Osman Ekiz | Accounting
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Intellectual Accounting

Bookkeeping is one of the tasks that appropriates the most time away from core activities ā€“ especially in a small business.

When you outsource bookkeeping you can actually make money, because we are able to resolve jobs faster and cheaper. We have specialists and programs that are able to run processes in the most rational way. We have optimized the workflow using the latest and most advanced accounting programs.

We offer accounting services which cover all of our clientsā€™ accounting and financial reporting needs. Our clients expect us to understand their businesses and to provide them with precise financial statements for meeting their statutory requirements and business needs.

Services we offer

VAT and Payroll Tax Declarations

VAT Returns

Quarterly and Annual Corporate or Income Tax Declarations

Reconciliation of Accounts and Periodic Status

Bank Reconciliation

Input of Receipts

Payroll Reporting

Preparation of Balances

Let’s talk more about what you need
We would like to help your business with high quality, flexible and fast service according to the cumbersome and high cost consulting firms.