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About Us

We would like to help your business with high quality,
flexible and fast service according to the cumbersome and high cost consulting firms.

Osman Ekiz

Managing Partner – CPA – Independent Auditor

– Member of BNI Orion Chapter Istanbul

High-performing, innovative finance and accounting executive having more than 25 years of diverse experience with broad industry knowledge of holding companies, automotive and spare parts sales, automotive production sector, tire marketing and sales, cargo and express parcels, lubricants sales.

Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics in English, in 1990.

Registered to Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants (ISMMMO) – 49120

Registered to Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK) – BD/2013/01397

Areas of Expertise: Finance, Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting, Procurement, Administrative Affairs, Agency-Network Management, Customer Risk and Collection, M&A, Audit.

Adem Erim


Worked for many years in corporate companies and has been working as independent Attorney-at-Law since 2017.

Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1999.

Registered to İstanbul Bar Association.

Areas of Expertise: Commercial Law, Labor Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Law of Obligations, Industrial Property Rights Law, Intellectual Property Law, Banking and Finance Law, Contracts Law

Mustafa Özer

CPA – Tax Advisor

Specialized in Tax Laws, Audit and M&A. He has four books published already, several seminar notes and many articles in professional journals and commentaries in economic political daily newspapers. He participates in seminars and panels as a specialist trainer and speaker.

Published Books:

  • Year-end Inventory Operations, (Second Edition), 2003
  • Corporate Tax Guidelines, (Second Edition), 2002
  • Cost Increase Fund Application, 2002
  • Inflation Accounting, 2004

Articles Published in:

  • Tax World Magazine (Vergi Dünyası Dergisi)
  • Ozbalcı Tax Review Sets (Özbalcı Vergi Yorum İnceleme Setleri)
  • Tax Issues Journal (Vergi Sorunları Dergisi)
  • Journal of Dialogue with Taxers and Accountants (Vergici ve Muhasebeci ile Dialog Dergisi)
  • Journal of Finance and Insurance Interpretations (Maliye ve Sigorta Yorumları Dergisi)
  • Ankara SMMMO Journal (Ankara SMMMO Dergisi)
  • Bursa SMMMO Journal (Bursa SMMMO Dergisi)
  • Finance World – Monthly Journal of Economics Finance (Finans Dünyası -Aylık Ekonomik Yorumlar Dergisi)
  • Dünya Newspaper (Dünya Gazetesi)
  • Bursa Olay Newspaper (Bursa Olay Gazetesi)

Graduated from Uludağ University, Faculty of Business Administration in 1984.

Registered to Ankara Chamber of Certified Public Accountants

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Tax Law, Tax Procedure Law, V.A.T. Law, Income Tax Law, Labor Law, Special Consumption Law, Stamp Tax, Act of Fees, Code of Expenses, M&A, Audit

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We would like to help your business with high quality, flexible and fast service according to the cumbersome and high cost consulting firms.